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Thank you for choosing CWC

At Cabbagetown Women's Clinic, we strive every day to help our patients have a therapeutic experience. We do our best to let you go through the emotions you need in order to heal, to have you experience as little pain as possible during conscious sedation and to help you feel safe and cared for. We wish this were possible with every patient, but we would be exaggerating to state that this happens every time. We are pleased that this goal is reached with most of our patients. Below are a few examples, from the past year, from patients who have experienced their abortions the way we aim for them to experience them... we wish anyone going through this difficult time to have healing, wellness and health.

'All of the women working here are so kind.

The nurses made me feel very comfortable and thoroughly explained each step of the process. Having a meeting with a counsellor beforehand to explain all of your options was really nice as well.

The doctor was so kind and gentle and very attentive to pain management and anxiety. The whole team made the process as comfortable as possible. Thank you all so much for your help!' (Apr 2023)


'I cannot thank the clinic enough.

From the first phone contact, every person I encountered at the clinic was absolutely wonderful.

I felt incredibly safe, supported, and cared for at a very scary time, and I will gladly refer anyone who needs care to the clinic.

Thank you again.' (Apr 2023)


'This place is amazing.

They were so organized which made the whole experience significantly less stressful.

Every person who works here are so kind and caring and I was so moved by the respect and compassion they showed to every patient.

Every step of the process someone was there to support and talk me through it so I was always aware of what was going on.

To go through something so physically and emotionally exhausting, the comfort and kindness I received here will stay with me.

I am forever grateful.'

(Oct 2022)


'I really appreciate the staff for being nice, informative, and professional.

The doctor definitely was amazing to put my IUD in and the nurse there was amazing to help me hold her hand.

I was very much trying not to be sad about the pinching pain from the procedure and the doctor and nurses helped out communicating what they're doing to me.

Very professional and well-organized as well.'

(Oct 2022)


'The staff was very friendly and kind, especially the 2 woman that helped me durning and after my Procedure they made me feel so comfortable and calm threw the experience I had there today the lady that was in the Procedure room I couldn’t thank enough for making me feel like I mattered .'

(Sep 2022)


'The level service provided by the Cabbagetown Women's Clinic staff is unparalleled. I was immediately impressed by the effort put into making clients feel comfortable; being given the opportunity to have my questions answered and concerns addressed in a such a safe environment (by kind and reassuring professionals) was something I didn't realize I needed until I was there. The most valuable part of the experience was being able to discuss my situation without fear of judgement -- I hadn't imagined I'd leave feeling better than when I arrived! Thank you to all who made my visit so positive; I couldn't be more grateful for the support and care given.'

(Apr 2022)


There are ways in which we need to become ever better to ensure that as many of our patients have a safe experience as possible. We want to express to all patients that we are forever trying to improve. If you or a loved one had a suboptimal experience, please leave us an email or a voicemail. We will have the MD reach you to discuss what went wrong and how we can avoid this in the future.


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