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Patient Reviews

This place has highly exceptional services based on the first visit an my experience. They have a very enthusiastic and caring counsellor who explains the whole procedure and makes sure your actually okay before anything starts. Then they have a whole set of amazing nurses that take care of you like you've known them for a long period of time. The nurses that took care of me, were amazing. There's always someone to talk to and the procedure area is all women. Dr. Pop's, she is very detailed and professional with her work and she cares about individually hospitality and more make it a more comfortable experience.(Another amazing person) The receptionists are all very helpful and show immediate response and compassion. I definitely recommend this place for all women going through a tough time and would like a safe and friendly place, and professionals who genuinely care without being too intrusive and definitely the very non-judgemental approach. Thank you cabbage town for making this a less harder experience,

In the beginning, I was having difficulty searching for urgent assistance and care. I had called several places that had awfully long or disorganized waitlists so I had considered Cabbagetown Women's Clinic. The entire process went fantastic with the help and support from the brilliant staff and caregivers. Very informative, observant and kind. Security is lovely, the environment is comfortable and the atmosphere of this place is warm.

I honestly without a doubt recommend this women’s clinic. The staff are so supportive, patient and understanding, it really takes off a lot of stress. My first time at the clinic and I was beyond nervous, they gave me all the time I needed, and talked everything over with me until I felt completely comfortable and stayed with me the entire time. Even reassured me and anaswered all of my questions later when I called. I really want to thank all of the staff, nurses and doctors, you are beyond lovely and I appreciate the way you took care of me and all the other women. Thank you 🙏🏻

Caring and Professional Care - the staff was so nice and helpful. They listened and answered all my many questions carefully and without judging. They explained everything they were going to do so I understood exactly what was going to happen. The doctor was very professional and made me feel comfortable. The doctor acted like a regular person and was really down to earth and really cared how I was feeling. I was very happy to get this over with and to have such nice people looking out for me especially when I needed it the most.

"Abortion is not an easy decision to make. But if you are sure enough then this clinic is for you. I would highly recommend this place because the staff is very supportive, caring and understanding. They feel what you are going through and make every effort to minimize your pain. Thank you for making this difficult decision of mine less painful."

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