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At Cabbagetown Women's Clinic our mission is to get you through the process as safely and comfortably as possible.  This time in your life can be difficult and our friendly, warm, all female staff is experienced in helping you through it. 

"Abortion is not an easy decision to make. But if you are sure enough then this clinic is for you. I would highly recommend this place because the staff is very supportive, caring and understanding. They feel what you are going through and make every effort to minimize your pain. Thank you for making this difficult decision of mine less painful."

CWC clinic

Cabbagetown Women's Clinic is one of the oldest Women's Clinics in Toronto.  The clinic is located in a typical downtown house, which we hope provides the warmth and safety of a home for our patients.  We provide both the Abortion pill (between 4 and 10 weeks' gestation) and Surgical Abortions (up to 24 weeks gestation), as long as it is safe and effective.  We assure you complete confidentiality throughout your care and, as long as you have a valid OHIP card, our services are free of charge.  If you do not have OHIP coverage, our services are available for a fee (please give us a call to find out more).  For those who cannot afford our fees, we can apply for assisted funding if applicable.

Our clinic is a licensed Independent Health Facility under the Ministry of Health and Long - Term Care (MOH-LTC), and a member of the National Abortion Federation (NAF).

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