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Your experience was not ideal...

How can we do better?

First of all, allow us to express our sincere regret that your experience was negative.  We aim for a therapeutic journey through our clinic and we apologize that yours was less than ideal.  At CWC, we are always looking for ways in which the healing of our patients can be improved.  Please help us improve.  We appreciate your feedback.  Please select one of the two options below or feel free to call our clinic anytime during opening hours at

(416) 323-0642.

Spooky Forest

This is a less formal way to let us know how we can improve the experiences of our patients.  It involves a brief description of what went wrong and how to make things better.  We heed this feedback but it will not involve a process of contacting you to clarify your feedback and find a plan of action together.

Sad on Couch

Formal complaints are treated with the highest priority by CWC.  You will be contacted to further clarify what went wrong, the leadership at CWC will work with you to find a satisfactory action plan to address your negative experience, in order to ensure this is avoided for future patients. 

Sad on Couch
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