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Putting our patients first: How we you support in your abortion

We know the decision to have an abortion doesn’t come easily. At the Cabbagetown Women’s Clinic, our mission is to bring you through the process as safely as possible and surround you with care and compassion.

Our goal at the clinic is to ensure our patients go through their abortion journey safely and successfully, with as little pain ⎯ physically, mentally and emotionally ⎯ as possible. If you’re thinking about having an abortion, you may be experiencing a range of conflicting feelings. That’s completely normal given how profoundly complex the decision to have an abortion is.

Tied to every aspect of a woman’s life and identity, the decision around abortion is influenced by her education, interpersonal relationships, finances and spiritual perspective. Even her future may be impacted by abortion in ways we can’t foresee.

Research shows that the majority of women who choose to have an abortion are confident that it is the right decision for them ⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾⁽³⁾ and that having access to abortion promotes the safety and security for both the patient and her existing children.

In spite of the benefits an abortion can have for a woman’s physical, mental and financial wellbeing, difficult emotions can sometimes accompany the abortion. Some women experience guilt, anxiety, regret, depression and even physical pain both during and after the procedure.

While not everyone experiences this, we strive to minimize the challenging impacts of an abortion procedure for all our patients as much as possible.

We help you feel empowered in the process

Helping our patients avoid the potential for any trauma or difficulty resulting from an abortion procedure means caring for you with our hearts as much as with our hands. We do this in a variety of ways:

Information and communication

  • We enable you to be in control of the process as much as possible and involve you in your choices.

  • We inform you of all realistic options available based on your unique situation. Understanding as much as you can about your choices, the procedure and the process helps ease normal feelings of fear or confusion.

  • Wherever possible, we try to give you the time you need to consider all your available options and arrive at your decision. There may be some real limits to how much time you have, but we provide all the time that is available to you. If you have questions, reach out. We’re here for you.

Pain management


  • Kindness and empathy drive our care. We understand how difficult the decision you’ve made may be, and that you may be at a vulnerable time in your life. We encourage you to express your emotions and allow them as they come. The clinic is a safe, judgement-free space.

Moving you toward healing

  • For us, your abortion in not just a procedure, but a part of your life’s journey. We take that seriously. Giving you the most positive experience we can, with as little discomfort as possible, means you can get back to your life in a healthy and happy way.

  • All of this in no way means this is easy. It means we try our best to help you through the process, and help you use your strengths and reach the goals you truly want.

Considering having an abortion?

We’re here to help. Contact us.



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