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Looking forward to meeting you

Here are a few instructions in order to help ensure a smooth, safe procedure at CWC


Getting to the clinic

  • please do not drive to the clinic (unless you are certain you will not have a surgical abortion)

  • it is very common for patients to change their minds from one abortion method to another after receiving counselling on what each procedure is like

  • we recommend to come by Uber, Taxi, support-person ride or public transport just in case you decide for a surgical procedure (after-which it is unlawful to drive for a minimum of 24 hours)

  • (for a multi-day-procedure please see ‘multi-day procedures’ below)

Food and drink

  • please do not have anything other than CLEAR FLUIDS after midnight on the night before your appointment.

  • it is safe and recommended to keep yourself hydrated with CLEAR FLUIDS (ex. water, ginger ale, apple juice etc ...)

  • please bring a snack (to have in clinic, after a surgical abortion, or before a medical abortion)

  • after you’ve been fully counselled about which procedures can be done safely for your pregnancy, you will be instructed whether it is safe to eat your snack

Give us some time

  • please allow 4 - 5 hours to complete your service and be discharged from the clinic

  • this time may be needed to fill in forms, be assessed by the doctor to see if a safe abortion can be achieved and how many days it will take to achieve this, counselling to ensure you understand the procedure and its risks, the procedure itself, and recovery after the procedure

  • it may take less time than this (we always try to complete your service as soon as possible)


  • Parking is unavailable on CWC premises (due to the small size of the property)

  • Street parking is available for short periods on the streets around the clinic

  • longer-term parking is available in public lots marked by a green P sign (easily searched on a ‘maps’ application)


if you have OHIP:

  • please check your card to make sure it is still valid

  • if it is expired, please go to Service Ontario to receive a same-day new version code (to avoid delays in your abortion)

  • with valid OHIP all services are FREE OF CHARGE

if you are a health-card-holder residing in another province:

  • you can get re-imbursed for your abortion services after paying our clinic (contact your home province Ministry of Health)

  • we will provide you with a receipt for this purpose.

  • unfortunately, we cannot receive direct payments from other Provincial Health Authorities directly

if you are a non-insured patient:

  • you can still receive services at our clinic

  • please call us to clarify what this may cost

  • (it depends on the pregnancy and the tests you may or may not need)

  • we will provide you with a receipt for all charges (you can use for re-imbursement through any insurance you have)

  • if are seeking a MEDICAL ABORTION please contact South Riverdale Community Health Centre to see if you qualify for a free medical abortion

(ph: 416-461-1925)

purchasing Mirena and Kyleena hormonal IUDs:

  • you should not be able to find them any cheaper anywhere (if you find a lower cost hormonal IUD elsewhere, please let us know)

  • if you have a valid OHIP card and are below 25 years old, you qualify for a free Mirena IUD through the OHIP Plus program (available an any pharmacy with a prescription... we can give you the prescription)

Mirena IUDs cost $348.45

Kyleena IUDs cost $326.05

  • All payments at CWC must be made in cash.

we do not have the volume required for these machines

please call us ahead of time so that you an provide exact amounts

Protecting the environment

  • this is an ever-growing area of focus in our society

  • if you are comfortable to bring any of the following items, they will decrease the amount of waste created by the clinic:



T-shirt and robe

pads (bring 2)

house shoes

  • if bringing any/all of these items is not possible or easy, we have supplies to give you


  • we value support people at the clinic and are very grateful for the safety and comfort they provide

  • sometimes we have to ask support people to leave and return when their contact patient is ready for pick up (when we need the space for patients

  • we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause (it is done in order to prioritize patient access to abortion services)

  • if you are a support person and wish to learn about your role, please ask us for a handout which may assist you in understanding what your friend or relative may need from you during their journey


  • we value good understanding of all communication in the clinic

  • our staff collectively speaks English, French, Mandarin, Tagalog, Swahili, German (some of these languages are not spoken fluently but we should be able to achieve adequate understanding)

  • you may consider bringing a support person to provide translation who will be present (and will know about) your assessment and counselling sessions.

  • we also have a computer translator to help in situations where understanding cannot be achieved in other ways

Multi-day procedures

pregnancies up to 14 weeks:

  • most patients (almost all patients) with can receive a one day procedure (can be done on the same day as the initial assessment)

15-16 weeks pregnancies:

  • may need 1 or 2 days to complete the abortion safely

  • this is in order to achieve good dilatation to ensure a safe abortion

17 to 19 weeks pregnancies:

  • usually need 2 days, but in rare cases may need 3 days to complete

above 19 weeks pregnancies:

  • we may need 3 days (and 2 nights) in order to complete the procedure safely

  • duration of abortion depends on your unique examination and situation

  • we always do our best to perform abortions as quickly as is safely possible

  • please allow for the appropriate number of days once an appointment is booked

  • if you are coming from more than 30 minutes away, try to book overnight stay for the maximum number of days (if the procedure takes less nights, you can cancel the last night of booking)

  • we appreciate this may be costly and inconvenient and will discuss the limitations to your individual situation

during overnight(s):

  • IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING FROM OVER 1 HOUR AWAY YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW PROOF OF SAFE OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATIONS (i.e. a copy of the ID of the person's home in which you are planning to stay OR a booking confirmation which can be emailed or printed off and given to us in clinic)

  • if you have no means of establishing safe overnight stay, please call us and tell us of this so we can try to help in any way we can BEFORE you come in for your appointment

  • it is ideal to have a support person staying with you

  • you will have a phone number for the on-call doctor

  • please do NOT have children or other dependents relying on you overnight and assure care for these individuals while you are going through the procedure

  • please do NOT reside overnight with anyone who is unaware of the abortion

transporation to and from our clinic:

  • please do not drive to any of your appointments (use Uber, Taxi, public transport or support-person ride)

  • the ideal transport is a car ride, where you can rest and the ride is short

Remember we are here to help

  • if you have any concerns or worries around any of the above, please call us ahead of time and we will do our best to trouble shoot the issue

(ph: 416-323-0642)

  • we want you to be safe and comfortable and will do our utmost to optimize the abortion experience for you


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