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a note of thanks

The staff at CWC would like to express our gratitude…. We appreciate the love and support from our patients and their families. We hear the words ‘thank you’ a lot. It’s our turn to thank you.

Thank you for your patience and kindness during busy days. Thank you for appreciating our energy and efforts. Thank you for allowing us to be there for you during this often difficult journey.

Thank you to the Ministry of health who funds our clinic. Thank you for allowing us to practice patient - centered, empathic, trauma informed care. Without your support CWC would not exist.

Thank you to the Canadian Government. In times such as these, it is clear that systems make a difference to the individuals inside them. Canada’s pro-choice culture has allowed patients to access safe abortion for over three decades. We, the individuals within this great culture, are grateful for your openness and support.


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