Introducing virtual Medical Abofrtion

what you need to know prior to considering a virtual medical abortion

     CWC is pleased to offer virtual Medical Abortions for patients with preference not to travel into the clinic.  It is important to consider what testing would be convenient for you to undergo near you, which may greatly improve the safety and follow-up of your medical procedure.  If at all possible, it would be invaluable to have a local ultrasound done prior to starting your medical abortion.  This would, in most cases, allow us to know how far along your pregnancy is (which is important to ensuring the medical abortion pills work) and where the pregnancy is (which can be life-saving if you do end up being one of the very rare patients with an ectopic pregnancy).  We can help order and even book the ultrasound, as long as you can find out where the nearest Ultrasound lab is to you.


    Secondly, getting a lab test the day you start the Medical abortion can make the follow up after the procedure MUCH more simple (for you as well as for the doctor).  If we know what level of hormone we are starting at, we can quickly and definitively ensure that you are not pregnant anymore after the abortion process is complete.  Without a baseline blood test, it can take 4 weeks or more the be sure that you are no longer pregnant.

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Having reviewed all of the above, if testing for you is not possible for some reason, our physician will review your context and try to accommodate your situation as much as possible.  Medical abortions are  possible without testing but this pathway is not without risks.  If, for some reason, the process doesn’t go exactly as planned, you may require much more testing later on to keep you safe.  Our physician will go over a number of questions to make sure we can keep you as safe as possible during the procedure.


If this method seems right for you, please call our clinic (416-323-0642) and we will book you for an intake appointment.  These are offered at 2 - 3 pm daily, as well as on standby earlier during the day  (if you can be by your phone and ready for a 20-30 minute conversation).  Once you’ve booked your virtual appointment, you will receive an email with more information, to help prepare you for your appointment.


Please click on the link below, and read the handout about the medications used for the Pill Abortion.


Medical Abortion Shore Centre Brochure